Quality Policy
  • We offer our customers affordable, superior quality, regulatory and reliable products on time.
  • In order to provide continuous and trouble-free service of our products, pre-sales and after-sales technical support is provided on time and in full.
  • In all activities defined within our quality management system; all of our personnel are acting with quality awareness and continuous improvement meetings and various trainings are provided and committed by the top management.
  • Our company, which adopts continuous improvement and development as a target with the service we provide, accepts resources for measuring future customer satisfaction and evaluating customer expectations by considering the changing and developing needs and expectations of our customers.
  • Our company is committed to perform every job without error, first time, consistently correctly, without ignoring customers' requests and to take preventive measures before these errors occur instead of correcting them after errors occur.
  • Our mission is to increase the competitiveness and development power in the sector both domestic and foreign market.
  • Our company increases the education and individual development by organizing continuous activities in order to ensure the health, safety, present and future of its employees and increase its loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Our mission is to increase the competitiveness and development power in the sector both at home and abroad.
  • Our company, by establishing a close and continuous cooperation with customers to ensure their development, to monitor the results, is sure that the integrity of all service chain rings.Simga MEKANİK ALETLER SAN. TIC. Inc.  is responsible for implementing the Quality Policy and improving the effectiveness of the quality system.